• 5 Ancient Principles of Leadership

5 Ancient Principles of Leadership

Publisher : Jaico Publishing House

Author : Jack Myrick

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Leadership is the most critical ingredient in any organization. We all understand the importance of good leadership and know it when we see it, but describing or teaching leadership is elusive at best.

Enter, The Shipbuilder. This delightful business-management allegory set in ancient Greece teaches the Five Principles of Leadership; as effective today as they were 2,500 years ago. Learn how to:

  •    get more done with fewer people
  •    supervise less
  •    build teamwork
  •    decrease employee turnover, and
  •    improve everyone’s morale – including your own!

About the Author
Jack Myrink 
is president and founder of Management Solutions, a management training company, as well as head of Myrick Enterprises, a restaurant development group. He lives in Central Oklahoma and is blessed with a wonderful wife and three incredible daughters. Jack's presentations and workshops are known for their Southern charm and practicality.

Table of Contents

1. Marcus Fights Exhaustion
2. Analysis Has A Suggestion
3. Marcus Bumps Into Barnabas
4. Barnabas Offers Marcus A Deal
5. Marcus Shows His Appreciation.
6. Marcus Notices A Change Brewing
7. The Two Rubies
8. The Men Feel The Change Brewing
9. Marcus Learns The Value Of Authority
10. Immediate Respect
1 1. Unearned Love
12. An Environment To Thrive In
13. The Unifying Principle
14. Julius Steps Up
15. Marcus Delivers The Ship To The New Owner,
16. Barnabas Invites Marcus To His Estate
The Principles
About The Author.


Book Information
Author Jack Myrick
Publisher Jaico Publishing House
ISBN 81-7992-580-3
No. of Pages 96

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5 Ancient Principles of Leadership

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