• Jataka Tales

Jataka Tales

Publisher : Jaico Publishing House

Author :  Francis, Thomas

The Jataka Tales are the embodiment of Buddhist philosophy, passed on through generations as stories of the Buddha in all his previous lives.

Summary of the Book

Passed down by Buddhist Monks, the Jataka tales tell stories of the First Bodhisattva, Goutama Buddha, in his previous lives. The stories reveal how not even the Enlightened One is an exception to the eternal cycle of life and death, and show the importance of various morals through the actions of animals. They teach readers about values such as kindness, forgiveness, sharing, gratitude and honesty. There is wisdom in the world of animals, the Buddha reveals, and this wisdom will allow everyone to ascend to greatness through acts of kindness and humanity. In all, it contains 114 stories, telling timeless tales such as that of the Little Gildmaster, The King and the Stick-Gatherer, King Makhadeva’s Grey Hairs, The Cold Half of the Month, The Monkeys and the Ogre, and The Oldest of the Animals.

About the Editors

H. T. Francis and E. J. Thomas were British writers and translators. They are best remembered for gathering the many Jataka Tales into one volume


Book Details
Publisher Jaico Publishing House
Book Information
ISBN 81-7224-096-1
Author Francis, Thomas
No. of Pages 396

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Jataka Tales

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